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Encouraging work in Kenya

There are many things to be discouraged about – droughts, terrorist attacks, hungry children, etc. But as I told you in my last update – the work on the ground continues. Read what they are doing and be encouraged.

While the Partners for Care Kenya team can’t feed all the hungry children – they can feed some of them. While they can’t bring the rains to stop the drought (only God can) we can raise funds to help them feed some of the people while they wait for the rains to end the drought. While they can’t stop the terrorists they can help people learn skills to find work so they feel hope for the future instead of despair and are less likely to join terrorists groups.

We can partner with the team on the ground doing our part while they do they part to help those most vulnerable.

Read “From the Ground” here: MARCH 30-APRIL 3 2015

Blessings, Connie

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