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Enroute to Kenya

The Partners for Care team, small but serving a mighty God, is on the way to Kenya for what will be a time of hope and blessing for us, and prayerfully will be for those we visit and serve with while there. Plans are to spend 2 days at Beat the Drum Children’s Home with the children of Kathi’s House, along with Pastor John and Mary, and Partners for Care nurse Daniel , taking a trip to Lake Nakuru and sharing time in praise and worship with them. We will attend the Maai Mahiu church on Sunday where Laban will be preaching.

For those who have supported Kathi’s House, I promise loads of pictures and even video of the children and the area surrounding this special place.

After seeing the children off to school at Beat the Drum Monday morning, we will be traveling to Nairobi to work with Nick and Charles, with their Community Transformers ministry. The hope is for my daughter Courtney and Connie’s son David to spend 2 days working in the schools on the edge of Mathare slum where Nick and Charles care for 15 children.

After this, we plan on a 2 day trip on the GOA Peace Bus, visiting displaced persons camps with the Peace Team consisting of GOA and Partners for Care staff. During this time, we hope to provide outreach to the people still living in these camps, through praise and worship music, preaching, sports, and delivering food and other basic needs.

Following the Peace Bus, we will head back to Nairobi where we will provide some technical assistance and training to some of our dear friends, do some leg work for Emory Faith-based Program for a potential large scale HIV/AIDS youth initiative partnership, as well as finish some preparatory work for the GOA Children’s Conference which will be held the following week.

To those who have provided financial support to this conference, which has the theme “Champions for Christ”, thank you! For those still wanting to help, donations are still very welcome and much needed. Thanks to John at SohoHero for the great job with printing and binding the journals created for all 350 children who will attend.

Thanks to Camp Highland for partnering with us and providing curriculum materials for the children’s conference and Camp Highland t-shirts for all the children and leaders at the conference. Camp Highland goes to Kenya! Also, we are blessed to have Rachel from Camp Highland on the trip to participate in the conference. She is planning a low rope activity for the children. While in Kenya, another collateral assignment we have is to scout out possible locations for a Camp Highland Kenyan Outpost. What a joy it would be to know that some Kenyan youth will be able to experience the excitement and challenge of Camp Highland without having to travel to north Georgia.

And many thanks to Pastor Karanja and the youth at Christ Harvesters International Ministries. They have spent two Saturdays making bracelets and school kits for all 350 children attending the conference. The girls dance group has sent their dance performance to the children via video. Pastor Karanja has sent, at the request of many, a year of his messages on DVD.

This is Courtney’s first trip to Kenya, and will be an emotionally challenging time as she visits the place named for her Mom. Please pray for peace, safety and healing for her, and for God to bless all that we do in His name while in Kenya.

I look forward to our other children, family and grandchildren making this trip – Bill, Janelle, Robert, Elizabeth, Kristen, Jeremy, David, Leticia, Rickey, Ashley, Ciara, Christian, Ariel, Eliana, Little Bill, Caleb and Elizabeth Grace.

Blessings to you,


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