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Equipping and engaging the workers in the fight agaist HIV/Aids

Have you ever given up something you really cared about to join a cause? Given up something like the disciples did when Jesus called them to come with Him. He told Peter and others to leave their fishing and come with Him and He would make them fishers of men. This last week five men in Kenya chose to leave their first love to fight full time the war against HIV/Aids. When I was at the Rick Warren International Conference on HIV/Aids three years ago I heard Dr. Warren say two things that I remember and that have become the cornerstone of Partners for Care. 1. Until the church engages in the fight against HIV/Aids the disease will continue to spread 2. It is the indengious people and churches that must be equipped to fight the war When I first came to Kenya and found myself drawn to fight the disease of HIV/Aids, God brought to Partners for Care a music team called the Temples of Worship. Those of you who have come to Kenya with me know them – Sammy, George, David, Franko and Justus. For almost two years now they have been the Temples of Worship working for Partners for Care doing the what if? campaigns, writing songs and recording. This week when I came they wanted to meet with me. Over the two years I prayed they would develop a heart to fight HIV/Aids. I knew much of their passion and work was about the music and the fight against Aids was secondary. They were very serious as they talked with me. They had met and discussed their future amongst themselves. The Temples of Worship’s vision was to reach people for the kingdom using the talents God had given them. Partners for Care’s vision is to “save lives for the kingdom”. Two similiar but different visions. They didn’t like having two visions and they felt conflict between their desire to do music and their work with Partners for Care. Sammy told them to go think about what they wanted to do and come tell me the next day. I prayed that night asking God to give me peace about their decision. I must admit I thought they would choose music. I see them when they are performing and they love their music. They loved the Temples of Worship. The next morning when we met again I prayed God would give me the grace and courage to accept their decision to leave Partners for Care to do music. Ryan and I waited as they prepared to tell us their decision. They told us they had decided to abandon Temples of Worship and to engage with all their effort in the fight against HIV/Aids. They explained how over the two years God had broke their hearts for the devasation this disease has called. From Brian who lives with us and has Aids, to the infected widows in Mathare that they had met, to the infected children at Beat the Drum, to their own family members who over the two years have become infected and some even dying God revealed to them the pain and suffering of Aids. And, now they were ready to fully commit and surrender themselves to the fight. I felt very mixed emotions. Suprised first of all and humbled that they would trust and believe Partners for Care can make a difference in the fight. And, a very heavy sense of responsibilty to them to do whatever I can to help them prepare and fight against HIV/Aids I believe in them, I believe in the teachng of Rick Warren and I especially believe in a God who can break the heart of five young musicians who would walk away from their first love to committ themselves to the fight to save the children of their nation. As we then met to discuss our approach to fight Aids I sensed a new fervor among them to “get moving” to engage the church in the fight. It was one of the best planning meetings we had ever had – everyone engaged in the fight. They had left their fishing to follow the call from God to fight Aids. Ryan and I are committed to these young men and we will continue to find ways to help equip, encourage and empower them so they can make a difference in their nation. I appreciate all of you who have joined in the fight supporting Partners for Care with your prayers and funds. Grateful to be a part of Partners for Care, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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