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Eric and I return from Kenya and update on status of PFC

We are now flying home to the US. Eric is anxious to see his family and friends. He has really done an excellent job! He has been an asset to Partners for Care and we really appreciate him coming to Kenya. You have seen some of his photos on the blog and we will post more later.

I wanted to give an update about what the Partners for Care are doing in Kenya. They have three main projects. The first is the newly opened cyber and music center they opened in the village near the PFC house. They call the center Life Changing Center. Their focus is the youth in the slum near the center. They are giving music lessons including guitar, vocal and keyboard.

The Temples of Worship in front of the music center

They also are teaching churches in this area creative worship. Each night they show a motivational film to the youth. The cyber is dedicated to the memory of Alain – son of Virginia a friend of mine. Alain died when struck by lighting last spring. He was 32 years old and a very, very special young man. It is through Alain that we received the computers for the cyber. We thank our partners in the US – C. Ron Allen for the computers.

The Temples of Worship and Connie in front of the Cyber

The second project the team is their church impact program. They are working with the 22 churches in this slum area helping the churches do the 7 things Dr. Rick Warren says needs to be done to wipe out HIV/Aids. These include testing publicly, preaching pure, non-discrimatory policy for those infected, an outreach to the orphans and vulnerable children, an outreach to those persons living with Aids and a youth program teaching waiting until marriage.

The third is their what if? campaigns. They will continue to do out reaches giving the message of HIV prevention and bringing people to Christ.

The following make-up the Partners for Care staff: Sammy, George, David, Franko, Justus and Sam. And, we continue to support Mare in Marsabit.

People we are working with in Kenya include:

Dr. PLO Lumumba who is our what if? spokesperson The Kolozo Foundation (Vice President of Kenya) Hope for the Next Generation

The team is good and the work is there to do. I left the team working hard to transform and save lives. I am truly blessed to work with this team in Kenya.

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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