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Eric comes to Kenya to take photos

Eric Kirk made the decision to come to Kenya when he had dinner with David Gruber and his friend Courtney (David’s daughter). And we are glad he did. Taking a semester off school Eric wanted to come to Kenya with Partners for Care to photograph their work. Eric takes his passion for photograher very seriously and the result you will see in his photos. He travelled with me when I came Friday night. Below you can see five of his photos.

A photo of the cyber cafe in Marurui Slum

Mary who lives at the Rescue Center

Brian, who also lives at the Rescue Center

An auntie with two of the kids who live at the Rescue Center

Sam with Junior

We will post more each day as he follows the Partner for Care team capturing their work and other images of Africa. Eric has been wonderful. He has a servant heart. He hasn’t asked for anything for himself and has seemlessly fit in with the team in a country he has never been to before. We are blessed to have him with us and appreciate that he is using his talent and gifts to help Partners for Care. I want to thank his family Dr. and Mrs. Allan Kirk with trusting me to bring their son to Kenya.

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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