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Eric takes Temples of Worship photos on location

Eric spent the day taking photos of the Temples of Worship giving him a chance to see their work and go deep into the heart of Kenya. Eric followed the team as they walked through the slum near our house. He saw up close slum life. He said sasa to the many children standing in the doorways of the shacks they call home. Eric takes everything in stride. When I told him what the many little plastic bags were (flying toliets) he just said “oh” and started stepping over them and not on them. All the time he was taking photos of the Temples of Worship. And, you will see when we post some of today’s pictures on the blog Sam was photograhing Eric.

Tonight we went to Limuru to meet with the street children. I still wonder when the words “street” and “children” started to be used together. It doesn’t seem like those words should ever be used together. It also gave us a chance to eat at Ryan’s favorite restaurant – where the goat meat hangs in the window and they cut it up for you right in front of you with big, sharp knives.

Sammy and Franko had gone earler to meet with the street children to tell them we wanted to take a photo with them. Street children are very hesitate of allowing people to take pictures of them. They say people come, take photos and nothing changes for them. We told them we know that. And, we didn’t lie to them. We told them while we won’t be back there with them again we told them Partners for Care through the what if?, campaign is working to wipe out HIV/Aids so the Nation can use the funds spent treating HIV/Aids to develop their Nation. They allowed us to take the photos of them with the Temples of Worship.

Their are different groups of street children in Kenya. There are the young children like the three we were able to take from the streets of Nairobi two years ago Steven. Jimmie and Brian who are now with Nick and Charles. They were young and were not sniffing glue or using alcohol. As the children living in the streets get older they get more “hardened” and there is more use of glue and alcohol and even other drugs. It is much more difficult to help them. Obviously, the best solution is the children never have to go to the streets.

Eric went today where most people have never gone – even Kenyans. He went from the slum to the streets to see where people live. 60% of the people in Kenya live in a slum. Eric was brave to go there. He is 18 years old and has seen a lot here in Kenya in a short time. I never feel we are in danger as the Partners for Care staff always protects us. And of course, I know God has our rear quard “and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard.” Isasiah 58:8. Someone recently reminded me of this.

From Kenya,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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