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Feeding the children at CT

Many of you have been involved with the 34 children Nick and Charles have rescued. You have built a home for them and moved them from the slum. You have provided medical care for them. You have fed them, prayed for them and loved them from a distance.

It hasn’t been easy for two young men who struggle themselves to care for so many children but they have always believed God would help them to care for the children.

Yesterday the Partners for Care team took them 60 3-month old chickens. Cris and Kacey were amazed to see how they were transported there – in our van without cages! (Bridgette..not the Noah). It was funny to see George driving 60 chickens to the CT children’s home. But, George didn’t think it was funny to clean the van after the chickens were taken to their new home. But, he understood and took the van to clean it out.

It was so sweet to see the children one by one carry the chickens to the chicken coop. And, Nick and Charles were so excited knowing soon there will be eggs everyday for the children.

One of the children carrying a chicken

Dr. Vincent with the help of Cris, Kacey, Charlo and Franko saw and treated all the children. And, all of them were dewormed.

And, everyone was encouraged to see the sack gardens Nick and Charles have planted….soon there will be greens everyday for the children.

It was a good day…it is always a good day in Kenya when you see the hope of feeding the children.

Thankful for all your love and support for Nick, Charles and their children,


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GOD IS FAITHFUL…if we continue to TRULY believe! Love to you today from afar…


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