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Feeling the pain of loss

The team that is with us are close friends, family and colleagues so when bad news came to one of their team members yesterday it affected the whole team.

One of their team members is Sue, a kindergarten teacher. The kind of teacher we all pray would be our children’s first teacher. Full of joy and wonder at God’s creation. I have laughed and enjoyed her so much this trip as she shouted with joy at every animal she saw from the bus. I have held her as she wept when she saw the children – hungry and dirty.

In the middle of night before last I was notified that Sue’s brother died suddenly and expectantly of a heart attack. The decision was made by her team leaders to wait to tell her until when we returned from the first day of the medical camp. All day I watched her knowing the news she would receive that night.

Sue had dreamed for so many years to come to serve God in Africa. Her family has asked her to stay to fulfill her dream. So for today she is going with is to serve in the second day of medical camps.

She is with her friends here and Pastor Hirbo spent time with her last night which she said greatly helped.. Pastor Hirbo she more now than ever before knows how important it is to reach the lost before it is too late.


Praying for this team as we experience together the joy of serving and the pain of loss,


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