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Fw: 3rd update


I told you about Isaac in another update. He is the young man from Turksna living in Eldoret. He never had the opportunity to attend school. He was drinking when we met him and just gambles during the day.

         Isaac giving his life to Christ

The last day of the mission he was on the stage leading the children and others in worship. As the team watched Isaac on the stage we knew that only God could transform a young man the way this young man has been transformed. The day before we took Isaac to test for HIV. Praise God he was negative. Isaac wants to go to school. He wants to leave this area because of the negative influence of the people he has been spending time with It is difficult in Kenya for a 20 year old to get an education when they have missed all of their schooling. Pray with us that we can help this young man so he can be discipled to grow in his faith and fulfill his dream of education. Blessed to be in the mission field,

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