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Fw: 4th update

The harvest is plenty.

Jesus called us to be fishers of men. He said the harvest is plenty and the workers are few. This trip to Eldoret and Bugoma the harvest is indeed plenty. Hundred have been saved. From the football field to open air to the door to door outreach people have eagerly said yes to Jesus. And we have given the message of HIV everywhere we have gone. People want to test – to know their status. And as always AIDS is everywhere. We visited a grandmother who has lost two daughters. She is caring for the 5 childen left orphaned. One of the childen is infected and they are waiting to find the status of the baby. The child appears sick and looks infected. There was no food in the house and they need medication. We bought the medication and food for them. As we were leaving the house Njokie said. “I hate AIDS”. She is committed to fight this disease that orhans children and leaves babies sick.

Njokie leading a woman to Christ on the field

Spreading the message of hope through salvation and prevention.

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