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Gary Willis tells about his trip to Kenya

Cris and I just returned from a mission trip in Kenya.  We were visiting several pastors that we support over there through Partners for Care.  There mission model is to “Equip Kenyans to help Kenyans.” 

All 18 of the paid staff are Kenyans.  They run a medical clinic, secondary and computer classes, an orphanage for 36 children, AIDS awareness, and hospice care in the Marurui and Mathare slums.  We saw some terrible living conditions but some beautiful people.  The trip was wonderful, it is amazing how much good they can do with what we send them monthly.  We traveled as far north as Marsabit, near the Ethiopia boder, and as far south as Mombassa, on the coast just north of the country of Zanzibar. 

The greatest day was spent with the Rendille tribe in Parkashon.  These people are nomadic herdsmen living in mud and stick huts just like they have for centuries.  Pastor Hirbo is doing remarkable things with these people including medical care and teaching them crafts to sell in the neighboring town’s market place.

 The most touching moment was visiting a woman named Vanessa in a slum of 800,000 people.  She is dying from AIDS and worried about the future of her 4 children and the two orpans of her sister that she also cares for.  They all live in a one room shack.

After the 10 day private tour with the staff, we spent a two day vacation at Watamu which is one of the best fishing spots in the world.  Our one day out was a success.  We caught tuna, wahoo, kingfish, marlin and barracuda.  I caught the 8′ striped marlin pictured and released one that was 11′ long.  We had to harvest the 8 footer due to it swallowing the hook and tearing its stomach. 

Cris is my new fishing buddy.  She had a great time and landed several big fish including this big wahoo.  We gave all of the fish to the locals except the tuna that fed 25 people at the Partners for Care house.

I recommend anyone interested in supporting the ministry to let us know.  We plan to go back in February of 2014 and would love to take others who want to see the ministry in action and tour the country. 


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