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Go, Learn, Return and Respond

Those words are from the book “When Helping Hurts”. We are a team of 6 this trip and we hope to Go, Learn, Return and Respond and to do no harm to the PFC team in Kenya. We go to serve them. We are trying to follow the wise advise of those who are studying the affects of “short-term mission teams” on the work in developing Nations. We know we want to create independency not dependency. We don’t want to do what they can do themselves. We don’t want to be the heros in the stories of transformation. We want to serve them in ways that encourages them in their fight to win people for Christ, to stop the pandemic of HIV/AIDS, and prevent children from dying from malaria. We want to listen more than we talk, to learn from them and to share our hearts and our love for the work they are doing.

We will help them serve hundreds at medical camps, hold two major what if? events as they host the finals for 18 sports team both in Mururi slum and Mai Mahui, help them complete the bed net project in Mururi slum and explore business opportunities for them to help them support their ministry.

And along the way we know we will be encouraged and blessed,

Almost to Kenya,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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