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GOA Peace Bus

The need for the GOA Peace Bus continues. While there is peace in Kenya there are still many who are struggling with the effects of the post-election violence. GOA Peace Bus is reaching those most effected. The Peace team was out Saturday and Sunday and on Sunday they reached 1,000 people. There are funds for the Peace Bus to go out three more days and then all funds in the Kenya Relief fund will have been exhaused. I am preparing a report for all donors that will provide information on how the funds have been spent. As you know I have been with the team for two of their major trips so I can tell you the money you have donated has reached the ground for those most in need. We will provide information on how many people reached, how much food given, how many blankets distributed, how many treated medically, etc.

I received this email over the weekend from Linet Oknet who works for Liverpool. I contacted the Bishop and he can send Laban and members of the Peace team to assess the situation of these children. GOA needs our financial support as they reach these children. “Connie I took team of LVCT counselors to Kiserian Slum in Nairobi to offer HIV services but what I witnessed was pathetic – ten children living with HIV most of them are opharns living in a very poor way. Some of them have been attacked by Jiggers. This is a needy situation. The caregivers who are also living with HIV and have formed a support group with more than 50 people who are infected. But suprisingly they don’t have any support system. I intervined by talking with pastor Paul Ngie who invited us there, but I could hear his plee for support. He is crying loud for this group to get helped. It is my hope that God will touch your heart and extend your support to help these children.” Linet

You can help by sending funds to the Kenya Relief Fund ILI PO Box 1005 Carrollton, GA 30112

Or donate on-line 

Visit to see pictures and read the updates of the work of the Peace team.

Thank you to all those who have generously supported GOA during this greatest humanitarian crisis Kenya has ever experience. Continuing our prayers for Kenya, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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