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GOA Peace Bus Update

The violence has subsided in Kenya – praise God. But what it has done to this country and its people we love is heartbreaking. Please read the following from GOA staff who are truly on the ground. They went out to the displaced people in the Internally Displaced Camps as a peace team travelling on the Peace Bus. As you read their words you can feel their pain. You also can read their intense appreciation of the funds that have been sent to enable them to reach out to the hurting. The peace team on this trip included Paul, RN, Ann and Priscilla VCT counsellors, Pastor Muturi – Peace and Reconciliation Ministry field and team leader, Njokie – “cook” turned health care worker, Sammy and David singing the Peace song, S N setting up peace soccer tournaments, with David driving. The team picked up Pastor Francis and his wife Elizabeth, RN. Read what they said about the day:

From Francis: Today, I feel very satisfied for having helped someone in need at the Rongai camp. The Peace Bus picked up me and my wife who is a nurse to take the so much needed food and medicines to the IDPs.

After buying the foodstuff, we set off for Rongai, a fertile valley in the great rift valley, about 25 kilometers East of Nakuru city.

We found the many women, children, and men living in a police station for their safety. We visited the Officer in-charge of the police station and mapped out our work for the day. The camp leaders are responsible for the distribution of the food.

Instantly, my wife and Paul began to treat the sick. I became a pharmacist, having been with Elizabeth for 16 years, I know a little of dispensing medicine of course with her guidance. The patients were many. We treated almost 300 patients. We also tested 27 for HIV with one positive. We helped people infected with AIDS to travel tomorrow to get ARVs at the Provincial hospital, where my wife works.

I saw people walking with a smile despite all that has happened to their relatives and friends, properties burnt, but the hope in Jesus surpasses all the pain and suffering. Hope of now having food to cook for their family and that their the children will have something to eat when they returned from school.

On our way home after giving all that we could to the people and giving out peace balls to the youth and school children, we gave a ride to an intelligence officer from the interior, and this is what he told us: “When peace is restored, the many people who have been fighting and burning peoples’ houses are already starving. Get ready to start taking food to them and medicines, lest they die of dehydration and hunger”

I am worried because the Kikuyus are farmers, they grow food crops to feed the Nation, but now they are out of their farms. It means that hunger is going to bite hard, especially to the non agricultural people. They have been displaced and unless they go back to their farms before the rains come in mid March, there will be no harvest for the year.

Pray that His eminence Annan and the two parties are going to come to an agreement that will bring long lasting peace to Kenya.

I want to thank all those who have given for this noble cause in helping the displaced people and praying for them.

Give all that you can afford to our people. We thank God that we came to Nakuru not knowing what lays ahead of us but God knows it. We are very strategically located in the rift valley to reach out to the people who need love and care, and healing.

We thank you all for your support in prayers, for we have gone through many dangers and snares but have overcome them.

We love you, Shalom. Francis and Elizabeth

From Njokie:

I’ve realized Connie that we’ve not finished yet, the journey is long and we are needed. We gave out flour, beans, rice, and mosquito nets.

Their journey is long but we can help them so they can help others. Donate on-line or send a check marked Kenya Relief and encourage others to donate.

Do not grow weary of doing good or of helping others do good, Connie

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