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God answers prayers for Marsabit

When you search information about Marsabit a town in the far northeastern part of Kenya, you find the precipitation for the year is 0. This lack of rain causes severe hardship for the people of Marsabit. But, God has answered the many prayers for Marsabit. Yesterday Pastor Hirbo sent the following text:

God is so great and wonderful,the face of Marsabit changed from dust to green, from dry to wet. God has remembered Marsabit. The Marsabit Dam is full. (Pastor Hirbo reminded me that is where I slipped and fell once when I visited this dam). I was in Parkishon on the 16th.

Marsabit dam before

The new face of Marsabit dam now

I tell you the situation is improving, but the need of food is very high. I have also been introduced to a new jigger medicine by a pastor from Malindi. I used it and it is so wonderful and powerful. It worked well. After one night the feet are clean and it is locally made.

— Pastor Hirbo.

Imagine a pastor who is so excited for rain and a new treatment to treat the children’s jiggers. Truly this man pleases God each time he kneels and washes and treat the feet of the little children.

Praising God this Sunday morning for Pastor Hirbo and for remembering Marsabit,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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