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God does remember just one little girl

God did remember the little girl, Daisy, from the Rescue Center. Nick called me yesterday and asked me if I could send 4,000 shillings (approx. $60.00) through the phone so he could bring Daisy home from the hospital. In Kenya you cannot be released from the hospital unless you clear your bill. Even though having enough funds to even care for the Partners for Care staff is an issue, I sent it without hesitation. I couldn’t think at the moment of a better use of $60.00. How I wish I had back all the $60.00s I have spent on something I could have lived without. Just more stuff I thought I needed. Now what I needed more than anything was to help a young man – Nick – who takes care of 32 children even when it means taking children to the hospital in a matatu. He has been caring for 4 children this last week who have malaria. One of the children Lucas wasn’t better today so I suggested Nick try a different malaria medication. If he isn’t better tomorrow Nick will take him to the hospital. For those who read the last blog update both Daisy’s parents have died from Aids And, they believe Daisy got malaria when she went to the village to bury her Mom. Nick will have Daisy tested for HIV/Aids. Pray she is not infected with the same disease that took both her parents.

Grateful to God for remembering just one little girl,

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