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Going to the end of the earth

It is a privilege to go to the end of the earth to serve God’s people. It is even a greater privilege to go with a friend. Here is Bridgette’s update about her first trip to Marsabit.

It won’t be her last…

Connie Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

You have all heard the term before…”Going to the ends of the earth”. But never did I think that in my lifetime that I would actually go there.

Part of our team are on our way via missionary flight to a remote northeastern part of Kenya south of Ethiopia called Marsabit. We are going to check on the implementation of the Greif water backpacks. Partners for Care (PFC) has been chosen as implementer in Kenya of this new, innovative transport for water. This water backpack was developed by a US based company called Greif out of Ohio after their CEO David B. Fischer was cured of cancer and decided that because of the miracle he experienced in his own life, commissioned his company to come up with a product that could help people in the world.

Going on the missionary flight

PFC has distributed more than 500 of these packs on the ground here in this remote region to be “tested” and our staff Pastor Hirbo (I like to call him a male Mother Teresa) has been training the women on how to use them. For ages, women and children in this area have been carrying water in heavy plastic drums on their backs, walking 6 hours each day to get water.

Because of the severe drought in this region several years ago, many people had lost their animals. Some even were forced to flee to Ethiopia in hopes of saving their families. Yet because of the recent short rains here, we found this area to be green and producing crops. Those here know it is short lived. That’s why the water packs are so critical in assisting women traveling long hours every day for water.

Filling the water packs

These packs have the potential of changing people’s lives all over the world. And God has connected key people to make it happen. It’s amazing to stand back and observe. Connie Cheren (founder of PFC) meets Liz Blake (V.P. Of Habitat for Humanity Int’l) on a plane to Washington, DC (not once, not twice-but 3 times!). Liz Blake tells Connie about Grief’s water pack and shows her one of the packs. Connie then shows Liz one of her videos about how badly the people are struggling in Marsabit. She was so moved by what she saw that she comes to the area herself and is so touched by what she experiences, decides that PFC and Habitat Int’l should co-brand the packs and work together implementing them in Kenya.

Connie and Bridgette

Greif has sent 2 of their executives to join us on this trip to Marsabit to review the oversee the project’s progress. They are also organizing for a film crew that will be coming to Marsabit to film the story for a show called “Responsible Business”.

Dano from Greif

Debra from Greif

Stepping back and looking at what has transpired in a few short months. It is miraculous to me how the God of the universe has orchestrated this to happen…to show us all how much He loves and cares for the needs of those suffering. He invites all of us to simply believe, trust and be willing to serve others wherever He sends us…whether it be to your neighbor’s house or to a remote village south of Ethiopia.

A mother carrying a water pack and her baby

I am so humbled to do my part and grateful for all those in helping me do it.

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