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Good news

I wanted to update all of you on the Run for Rebecca. Everything is really coming together. So many have helped from Gary our race coordinator is has been great to the team who is helping to sign up runners to Dan who managed somehow to add the financial and registration of the race to his already many responsibilities he has for both my buisness and for Partners for Care to Mike my son who contributed to the cost of the t-shirts. And, the race would not be possible without David Gruber! The race volunteers are the team members from the Cumberland Community Church upcoming mission trip to Kenya. It is their bonding event. The prizes are from Kenya and were made just for the race. You can see the prizes and sign up if you haven’t already on the run’s web site and you can see Rebecca and the other children from Beat the Drum thanking people for running on YouTube We got more good news today. Land of a 1000 Hills Coffee said they would provide coffee on the day of the race. They sent the following message. “We are thrilled to partner with you and help raise awareness and support for this very important cause.” And, thanks to so many people who used their social networks and passed out flyers many now know about the race and about the miracle of Rebecca. All in all – good news. Hoping to see you November 14 at the Run for Rebecca. Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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