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Good news

It seems of late many of my updates are bad news – children sick, people hungry, deaths. But, today I am sending some good news about Partners for Care Ministry. As most of know one of the main passions and focus of PFC is helping create an HIV-free generation. One way the PFC in Kenya is working with prevention is through their campaign what if? In June the National Aids Control Council (NACC) in Kenya announced the opportunity for funding for work in AIDS. We wrote a district level proposal requesting $10,000 which would be used for four what if? campaigns in Eldoret. We were just notified our proposal was accepted by NACC. This is a major boost to the what if team? as the competition for the grant was many well-established NGOs who have been working in the field of AIDS for years. The PFC what if? campaign is less than nine months old so the team was very happy to be funded. Some good news! Blessing God for His faithfulness, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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