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Good to go to the field

It is always good to go to the field. I just returned from Kenya. This trip I went to our center in Watamu.  I found our IT school full with students, some even sitting around the room waiting their turn. Our literacy school was also full.

One of our students in our literacy class was a herdsman who when he joined the class two months ago couldn’t read or speak any English. He now is able to both read and speak English. He read to me from our eReader. (Click the video link below to see!)

I went out in mission with our staff and students from MKU Malindi campus to treat jiggers. It always so sad to see little children infected with jiggers. The students committed to partner with our staff to eliminate jiggers in Malindi sub county. A big job but possible!  Pastor Hirbo eliminated jiggers in Marsabit.

Grateful for our staff in Kenya who are transforming lives – one at a time.


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