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Guarding the heart

Maybe there is a limit one’s heart can take. I think this week my heart hit that limit.

This week included a visit to Pastor Hirbo and to a group that is made up of people with disabilities (as they call themselves) and Moms of children with disabilities to open our first partner sewing school.

What touched my heart?

*Having dinner in Pastor Hirbo’s 3 bedroom home or as he calls it the PFC Rescue Center where he lives with his wife, his 6 birth children, his two adopted children and 9 others he is helping for a total of 19. All they talked about was gratitude for PFC as they have food for the children and all the children are in school. I see what they don’t have – a refrigerator, a stove, a bed for each person and so much more. They see what have and are grateful.

*Visiting a man who Pastor Hirbo gave a mobility cart 6 years ago still using his cart everyday!

*Listening to the women of the disabled group in Kiambu County telling the story of their humble beginning. Eight years ago the women came together every Thursday and each person gave .10. They grew until they had enough funds to rent a sewing machine so they could sew things to sell to support themselves. Imagine the excitement as Sammy donated 5 sewing machines to them!

*Being present in a room of 50 persons with disabilities and them telling us “don’t give us fish – we want to fish ourselves”. They declared “bye bye poverty”.

*Watching so many people – children, older women, men coming to the meeting  using their mobility carts PFC had given them.

*Hearing one of the women with a child with disabilities describe what it is like when you realize your child will never walk, never talk, never call you Mom. She told the group we are the legs for our children.

*We were all touched when they presented each of us with handmade gifts as a thank you for the sewing machines.

Going to the field like I did this week reminds me why we do what we do. I am so grateful for those who support the work of PFC. I can tell you I have seen for myself how our staff here in Kenya are changing lives and providing hope for those most in need. It can hurt the heart ❤ to see but it is good to be reminded.

From Kenya,


One of the gifts they made for us

Pastor Hirbo’s family

Presentation of the sewing machines

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