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Helping God’s people

On Saturday our PFC staff in partnership with the Kiambu County Disability Network and the Governor of Kiambu County distributed 150 mobility carts. There really is no way to describe what it is like to give the gift of mobility to 150 men, women and children changing their lives and the lives of their families. These are people who didn’t have other options and so they crawled on the ground or were carried on the back of their caregiver.

I sent the following photo to Mel West, the 94 year old missionary who helped build the first cart 25 years ago. Mobility Worldwide is Mel’s vision – he believes every person in the world should have mobility. I have met Mel and he is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. When Mel received the photo he wrote me the following:

“I see one of God’s little people on a child size cart”.

Isn’t that what it is all about. Helping God’s people – all His people?  Thank you to all those who help us help God’s people.



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