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Helping Without Hurting

Partners for Care has received a team from Michigan…prepared to try to help without hurting. We have worked together for the past 8 months preparing the team in the US to come and the team in Kenya to receive. It isn’t easy to bring together people from different backgrounds, different cultures, different day-to-day lives. But, they share a common goal to – serve God and to reach the unreached with the love of Christ.

This is a medical/dental team and we are traveling to Marsabit to hold medical/dental camps. We are excited to be going with Pastor Hirbo to see the children of Parkishon and two other villages where the children are infected with jiggers.

In preparation to come, the US team read “When Helping Hurts”. Each person came understanding they came to join an existing team already bearing fruit. They came desiring to leave the team on the ground more equipped to do the work God has called them to do.

One of the best part is what a teachable spirit the members of the US team have. Together we look at what we are doing and ask “are we helping or hurting”. The Kenyan team is our best teachers. So, together we are learning.

Over the next couple of days I will share with you our mistakes, our paradigm shifts and what we learn.

For now we are 27 people headed for Marsabit through the desert off-road bouncing and hanging on to the bus seats so we don’t fall off.

More later from Marsabit,

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