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“I don’t know why all my family is dying from Aids”

As people are fighting over rumors, hurt feelings, gosspip and things that focus only on themselves I am once again reminded of the real enemy and of the real warriors. I just spoke with Nick. How can a young man carry such heavey burdens?

Nick is at the mortorary. A familiar place for him. His 18 year old niece died from Aids. Last week Nick buried another uncle. He said to me “it is my fault I should have got them tested earlier’. He also wondered aloud why all his family is dying from Aids and why he is the one to bury them all.

Tonight he will travel up-country (he has no car so I assume that is on a matatu) to attend the burial of this young woman. Then return to Nairobi on Christmas Eve Day to the 34 children he cares for. I didn’t ask but Christmas in the Rescue Center will not be like Christmas morning in most of our homes in America. I doubt there there are gifts for the children. Hopefully, there will be food. A donor gave me money for the children for food and it has been wired – I pray it arrives in time to buy food for Christmas.

Nick with Elizabeth

Besides burying two family members the week before Christmas Nick and Charles and other CT volunteers were attacked by about 20 men trying to steal from them last week while doing an event to raise funds for the burial of Nick’s uncle. They were cut with knives and Charles’ two teeth were knocked out. I called Charles and his mouth is wired and he can only take liquids. I worry that he doesn’t have money for a proper liquid diet.

I was calling to tell Nick of the good news that we have a donor for the children’s new school uniforms. He is extremely grateful.

And, he told me baby Diamond’s mother (baby Diamond died last Spring of Aids) is in the hospital sick from the same disease that took her baby’s life.

Nick said he is grateful to God because he has the strength to help his family. It was alreay hard to get in the holiday spirit of shopping, eating and giving gifts to people that already have more than most people will have in a lifetime. This seems to make it a little harder.

Talking with Nick and Charles reminded me why I go to kenya. I pray God shows me how to help and not harm. I pray that He reminds me whatever people say about me I am called to help these two men who carry such a burden of disease, death, hunger and even despair. I felt humbled when Charles at the end of our conversation said “pray for me, mum”. Right now I didn’t feel like a very good mum to him.

Oh, when I asked Nick why he hadn’t called me to tell me all these things he said “I have been confused with all that has happened”. I am confused, too, why all of the suffering? But, I am not confused that I am called to help. And, I am grateful for those donors who partner with us to help.

Praying for these young men in Kenya,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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