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“I get my own blanket” – 3rd update

The new children’s home is almost complete, and yesterday we were able to deliver the new items purchased for the children. Blankets, towels, and a host of other supplies for the children made their way to the new home. But this stuff didn’t come easy! First, all the money we used was donated by many of you and by members of this team. Our “move one” campaign raised funds to help. Due to “overruns” though in the building of the children’s home we didn’t have as much money as we needed….so we bargained hard to make the money stretch. We went to a shopping area where Americans don’t go – River Road. It is where things are made so as they say in Kenya we got the “best price”. John who plans, shops for and prepares all of our meals went with us. Imagine – one Kenyan and 8 white people! We bargained so well John declared us Kenyans. At times John longed to back in the kitchen! We were shopping for 34 children! At the end of hours of walking, bargaining and buying we had:

Pink sheets for the girls Blue sheets for the boys Green sheets for the aunties 2 outdoor cookers 2 bigger than large pots Towels for every person Spoons Bowls 5 large thermos for chai Wash basins And, a nice blanket for every child Pillows are being made

We were left to buy mattresses. Funds were low at that point so we priced three thicknesses of mattresses. We have enough for the foram pads for each child. Over time, we can replace them with better mattresses.

We met the children at the new children’s home. To say they were excited to see their new home, new beds and all the new things is an understatement. Amy was showing them they have windows and she told them they will each have their own beds. One of the little girls said, “I get my own blanket?”. These children have slept three to a bed and shared a blanket. God has blessed them not just with a bed and their own blanket but with Nick, Charles and their aunties who love them and with people in the US who gave to change the live of a child.

As the home is not quite complete we will move them permently when we return from Mombasa.

Blessed to partner with those who made a difference for these children,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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