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I have returned to Kenya

I have returned to Kenya.  As some of you may know, the last month has been very challenging for Partners for Care. The challenges began last summer. These challenges have been tough–families go through divorce, churches withstand splits, and nations experience coups.  But, what man meant for evil, God uses for good.

Because of these challenges, I didn’t know what to expect here on the ground when I came this time. I had been told the team was in place and focused, but frankly my trust level has greatly changed over the last few months–especially this last month. Unfortunately, I have found I had trusted some that were not trustworthy.

What I found today here in Kenya is a team more focused, more determined to make a difference than ever before! They are more supportive and trusting of each other. They are certainly a stronger team. They are a team that is having fun together again, both working and serving. I see more passion and joy in them and and more humility expressed.They now begin each day with devotions and prayers and a planning meeting. They have department leaders – missions, cyber/music center, music lessons and devotions/spiritual development.  They then do their work for the day coming back together again for music practice at 4:30. They meet again to share the results of their work for the day. They end the day with a motivational movie shown in the new music center.

They are cooking for themselves and cleaning the house and the compound. The garden has grown and that is where their vegetables come from.   Ryan had an impact on them. Ryan told them work hard, tell the truth and serve God.  And, that is what they are doing.

Partners for Care seeks to equip, encourage, empower and enable young leaders–aiding them to solve the problems in their villages, their communities, and their Nation. These problems are numerous. The problem of poverty that brings despair is all around them. The problem of HIV has infected and affected so many.  The problem of the deaths of 473 children who die everyday in Kenya. Today, I was witness to young leaders who have been equipped, encouraged, empowered and enabled to change their Nation. And they are doing just that. I was glad to be back.

From Kenya,

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