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I want to change like Issac

When we were in Eldoret on a sports mission several months ago we met Issac. Issac is from Turkana. He had heard about Maggie’s School that we built in Turkana and he thanked us because he never had a chance to go to even one grade of school. He could not even write his name. He was drinking and was drunk most of time. He was lost with no apparent future. During the mission he accepted Christ. After he accepted Christ he wanted to be tested for HIV/AIDs. We told him he would need to be sober to test and if he came the next day not drinking we would take him to be tested. He came to the field early the next day – without drinking. We took him to Ampath VCT to test and praise God he tested negative. Over the next days of the mission he came to the field everyday to be with us. He told us he just wanted to go to school. Bishop David made arrangements for him to go to Merciful Redeemer to go to school. He stayed there several months attending school. Two months ago he came to live with the team at the Partners for Care house. Issac told us he wanted to obtain a driver’s license so he could drive for the Kenya Red Cross. He has been attending driving school and on Tuesday will take his driver’s test. Last week Sammy took Isacc with him to Eldoret. When people saw Issac they were amazed at the transformation. Yesterday I spoke with Tim from the A-Step program – a program that uses sports to help the youth in Eldoret. He told me many of the young people in Eldoret are saying they want to change and be like Issac. God is using Issac to transform other youth. Issac will return to Eldoret after he has his driver’s license. His sisters are in Eldoret so he will now be able to help them. From a drunkard to a young man serving Christ Issac has been transformed. He knows the Partners for Care will always be his family. Blessed to watch the transformation of Issac, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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