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It is never too late for a 2nd Chance

Her name is Virginia. She lives in a slum in Kenya – Marurui slum. The Partners for Care team met her when they were hanging bednets in their Stop Malaria outreach. She caught their attention as she could not speak a word of English which in Kenya usually means someone as never been to school. Virginia is a mother, a widow and is infected with HIV/AIDS. The disease the Partners For Care staff are fighting. Virginia told the team she had never been to school, never been in a classroom, never even held a pencil. She desired to learn…but didn’t know where to begin. The team invited her to visit the Partners for Care what if? Life Changing Center…a short walk from her small home in the slum. Virginia enrolled in our 2nd Chance Program. A program that helps people prepare to complete their elementary or high school education. Someone sponsored Virginia and paid the $12.00 monthly tuition fee for her to learn English. Now everyday after she cares for her children and does her house chores Virginia runs to center for her lessons. She can now write her name and is learning to read.


Virginia and her tutor Sam, Head of the 2nd Change Program

Virginia reminds of it is never too late for a 2nd chance.

Grateful for the team on the ground who are transforming their Nation…one Virginia at a time,

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