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It isn’t too late to help us meet our goal of 473 donors…..

It has been a great launch day. We have had donors from Alaska, Oregon, Alabama, and of course from our friends in Michigan. We have had some of our regular donors donate, new donors, and one very special donor who decided to give $473.00 – one dollar for every child that died in Kenya today from preventable causes. People have donated in honor of loved ones and others have donated in recognition of someone they admire. Each of these people received an email card telling them of the donation.

It isn’t too late to donate or to ask others to donate to help us meet the goal of 473 donors on our launch day. I hope many of you have had an opportunity to visit the website. So many helped make the website a reality…Ryan Morris, Dan Kellenberger, Sharon Dicks, David Gruber and all the other board members who helped.

I like what Linda (PFC board member) said today…what we do here matters there.

Thank you all for caring for those so far away….but who are always close in our hearts.

Praying to meet our goal of 473 donors today…


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