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It’s tough to be poor…It’s even tougher to be poor and disabled

This trip to Kenya I went with our staff to a day center for mentally and physically challenged children. My first job as a nurse was in a children’s home for children like these children.

In the children’s home I worked in we had plenty of food for the children and all the equipment they needed – special wheelchairs, therapy equipment and adaptive devises to help the children play, sit up and move about. In this humble children’s center in Kenya on the edge of a slum they struggle everyday just to have food. Their “wheelchairs” are homemade from wood and what walkers they had were broken.

One little boy touched me so much – he is mentally and physically challenged and blind. His only way to get around was to crawl on the ground. He would crawl towards your voice. He was so excited to receive a mobility cart!

I wanted to share with you how a sweet little girl named Mercy responded when she was lifted to the cart by Benson, the center’s director. Her way of getting around was using a broken walker that only took her around and around in a circle. Watch and listen to this 20 second video and you will understand the words of the song “there will be joy in the morning”.

Mother Teresa said if you can’t feed 100 children, just feed one. We couldn’t help all the children but we did help 5 of them.

Touched by these special children,


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