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Jiggers in Marsabit

Pastor Hirbo removing Jiggers from the feet of a girl.

Double Orphans

In August we are taking a team to Marsabit. Marsabit – a very desperate part of Kenya, starvation, lack of water, disease and many orphans. And, Marsabit is where there are jiggers. Jiggers are little white fleas that burrow in your feet, lay eggs and keep multiplying until your feet and legs swell up like an elphanant’s leg. People die from jiggers because the fleas eat the nutrients intended for the person. The only way to address the jiggers is to dig them out. They call they that a “jigger campaign”. The team is conducting medical camps, distributing bed nets, testing for HIV/Aids, holding what if? concerts and we had wanted to do sports evangelism. While organizing with the pastors on the ground they asked us to if we use the money we would have used for the sports tournament to help 18 double orphans who are infected with HIV/Aids. These are the 18 children the social worker we fund, Mare, has identified. Imagine knowing 18 children who have lost both parents and who are infected by the same disease that took their parents. The children need food, a place to live and uniforms to go to school. So, with the money we would have spent for soccer balls and trophies we will help these little children in Marsabit. He said He would not leave them orphans – He would go to them. (John 14:18) We will go for Him.

Praying for the many orphans in Marsabit,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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