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Just a ball…

Partners for Care has many programs – outreach, rescue centers, medical clinical, computer schools, literacy programs, etc.  Each program is focused on helping change lives. All programs are led and staffed by our Kenyan staff.

Yesterday I spent time with one of our programs – girls volleyball. About 20 young girls from the Marurui volleyball team came to the PFC house in the afternoon to share with us about their volleyball program. The girls are disciplined, happy and have become excellent volleyball players winning three trophys in tournament play.

The girls have organized themselves – they have a captain, co-captain, manager, treasurer and someone in charge of discipline. One of the girls stood and told us why volleyball is important to them. She said, it gives them a sense of purpose, teaches them discipline, helps them feel good about themselves and their team members help keep them focused to make the right choices. She said many of the young girls in our village are carrying babies on their back – but not us. We are in school and performing well. The PFC volleyball program has helped us live pure.

Several things impress me about the girls volleyball program including:.

1. If we give them a volleyball they use it to start a girls volleyball team in another village. They have started 8 girls volleyball teams. 2. They all contribute 10 shillings (12 cents) a week to the team. The money is kept by the treasurer and they use the money to repair their balls, help one of their team members if one of the members needs financial help and to buy sugar for their Moms when they visit them. 3. They are very supportive and encouraging of each other and they are very respectful of their PFC leaders.

Just a ball…and Partners for Care local nationals who are passionate about serving in this program. This is a formula for success…

Blessings from Kenya,


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