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Just Like Me

Another great update from Bridgette. It is morning here and we are on our way to Marsabit.

Blessings, Connie.

During my time here, I have had the fortunate opportunity to interact with many Kenyan women…from the young ladies on the what If? Volleyball team to the grandmothers learning to read and write at age 83. What I’ve come to realize is that they have the same hopes and dreams, just like me. They are students who dream of an education. They are young women hoping one day to work at something which gives them purpose. They are mothers who pray for protection and provision for their children.

Like me, most women I know are often overwhelmed by all we have to do. How are we to manage work, children’s schooling and activities, the home front. Just like me, the women here work very hard to provide…but unlike me, it is a daily struggle for them. Some walk 6 hours a day to carry water on their backs, some rely on prayer alone for daily bread. Just like me, the mothers want more for their children’s generation.

Women at work

I am so inspired by these women here. I have much to learn from them. Again, I am nudged by that small voice inside which reminds me of all the times I have said “I have nothing in the frig/pantry to eat” or standing in my closet frustrated because “I have nothing to wear”!

Christian making dresses

At the end of the day, just like me, we are both loved beyond measure by the same awesome, loving, amazing God. Praying we never forget how blessed we really are.

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