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Just one little girl

It might seem insignificance to tell the story of one small, little girl in the face of thousands of lives lost in the devastating disaster in Haiti. But, I remember Ryans’s blog about how he serves a God of distraction who remembers even the smallest person in need. Nick and Charles came close to losing another one of their children in the rescue center. Daisy is five years old. Her mother (Nick’s cousin) died of Aids last month. Her father had already died so she is now a double orphan. She has malaria. The doctors told Nick when he took her to the hospital if he had waited much longer to bring her in she could have died. She was admitted to Kenyetta hospital. This is the fourth child in the rescue center with malaria in the last week. They are expecting many more cases of malaria in the coming weeks due to the rains. Nick and Charles are so grateful for those of you who support them in prayer and financial support. I really don’t know sometimes how they keep going day after day with so much ilnesses much Aids and so little money to provide for the children.

Praying for those in Haiti and little Daisy,

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