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Kaaga Boys School – 71 say yes to Jesus

This weekend the Partners for Care team did what they do so well – spread the message of what if? their HIV/AIDS prevention message and bring people to Christ. With the 71 boys saying yes to Jesus this small team has now brought 1,902 to Christ. This mission was at the Kaaga Boys School in Meru, Kenya. This school is the second oldest school in Kenya. Pastor Martin who traveled with us to do the preaching graduated from this school.

The Temples of Worship

The Partners for Care staff performed and the boys kept hollering “sing one more”. We organized the boys into small groups so they could ask the difficult questions and learn from each other. The boys didn’t want the small group time to end.

Franco conducting a group session with the students

As we had a lawyer, 2 doctors, a mass media person, and musicians on the team, they met with the senior boys so they could ask career questions – when over they followed the team to ask more questions. Sam gave his personal testimony which really impacted the boys. When he finished ALL the boys wanted to sign the commitment cars – to commit to wait until marriage, know their status and be faithful to one partner.

Sam talking to the students

Students signing commitment cards

Pastor Martin preached and told them why he had made a decision to be pure and told them why God calls them to be pure. When he made the call for Christ 71 boys said yes to Jesus. The school has a mentoring boys for the new believers so these young men will be discipled.

Pastor Martin praying for the new converts

The new converts

Grateful for the PFC team who is working to transform lives to transform a Nation, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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