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Kenya is ebola free

I am just returning from Kenya and have been with Kenyan doctors who are helping to ensure Kenya remains ebola free. It is truly impressive what Kenya has done to prevent the disease from entering their borders. While they have focused on prevention, they prepared in case do receive a person with ebola. First, they stopped flights from West africa months ago. They are screening everyone coming to the country – by plane or through any other route. I had my temperature taken when I arrived at the airport. Anyone presented with a temperature is quarantined at the airport. They have distributed proper personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout the country and held trainings on proper use of the equipment. They have three labs set up to test blood samples. And, they have a response team who goes immediately if there is a suspected case. To date there have been 29 suspected case – ALL HAVE TESTED NEGATIVE. They built an isolation ward at their major hospital in Nairobi and have trained hundreds of staff on proper isolation procedures for a patient with ebola. And, they are very involved in helping fight ebola in West Africa. They have sent hundreds of doctors and nurses who volunteered to go help. The Ministry of Health and the health professionals in Kenya have taken very seriously the threat of ebola. It appears so far there efforts have paid off.

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