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Launch day

Launch day was exciting as we watched donations come in…new donors, regular donors, donors from Alaska to Florida and states in between.  One very special young man donated $473.00 – a dollar for every child that died in Kenya on the day of launch.   We will continue to recruit donors because raising funds to help children who need to be saved isn’t about a one day launch.  It isn’t a sprint but a marathon and we are in it for the long haul.  

Some of the money raised has already been sent to Kenya to buy medications for our clinic, some will be used to harvest our first crop from our Hope Farm and money will be used to help Pastor Hirbo’s ministry in Kenya as he treats hundreds of children for jiggers.  

Thank you to those who donated and to those who recruited donors.  We appreciate your help as we continue to raise funds to support the work of the team in Kenya.

Remembering the children,


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