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Launch heroes

Many of you are responding to our request to get spread the word through email, regular mail and social media about our new website launch this Friday. With only 4 days left I wanted to thank those that we are calling our “launch heroes”. These are people who are helping us make our launch date goal of having 473 people visit the website and make a decision to help by donating. Launch heroes include…..all our board members (our board always supports PFC activities!) and Cris Willis, Rennatus, Sharon Dicks, Dan Kellenberger and others. Thanks so much for helping!

Just last week one of our staff in Kenya lost his only child to pneumonia. A precious little boy who was just 8 years old. Like I have said before – sometimes we know one of the children who die from a preventable or a treatable disease. It becomes personal to us and to the staff in Kenya. We want to help the team in Kenya to stop so many deaths of children to diseases that can be prevented or treated.

Help us help them….


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