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Learning from the ground

After a 13 hour bus ride (5 hours of the travel was off road) we arrived in Marsabit. The team did well in spite of hurt backs, swollen legs and a few broken hearts at the conditions we were seeing out the windows of the bus. As we had done most of the pill counting and organizing the medications before we left Nairobi we had just pouring of liquids medications to do in the evening.

We bought soccer balls – 12 of them. We shared with Pastor Hirbo that we thought we could leave two at each medical camp and use the other 6 on Sunday during the what if? event. Pastor Hirbo asked us not to leave the soccer balls at each village as he was using soccer balls to evangelize. He explained if we just give things like soccer balls he loses the opportunity to use them to reach the people with the gospel.

He shared how recently he used pencils and small notepads to reach a group of Morans (the young warriors of the tribes). He used the pencils and notepads to teach them to write. The young men soon were asking Pastor Hirbo to pray for them.

Pastor Hirbo has taught us how we can stand behind him and support his ministry as he reaches the unreached tribes. We need to be careful not to get out in front of him and make it more difficult for him. So today we took the balls with us and some of the team members played soccer with the kids while the rest of the team was doing medical camps. When we left the medical camp, we took the balls with us as Pastor Hirbo will use them to create soccer teams and teach the kids more than we could have in one day.

Learning more and more how to help….


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