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Leaving for Kenya

Once again I am heading to Amsterdam and on to Kenya. This trip, if it is God’s plan, the Partners for Care staff will travel to far Northeastern Kenya and to far Southern Kenya – from Marsabit to Mombasa. And, they are scheduled to sing what if? at the World’s Aids Day event. Also, I am very much looking forward to having this time to work with Ryan. He has been developing our marketing material and I am excited to see everything he has done. And, I am looking forward to seeing little Brian. He has been marking off the days on a calendar until I return. Last time he and I got very close. I think it had to do with him almost dying that night in the hospital. And, the Partners for Care staff will be joining the Cumberland Community Church kenya team to do a what if? event in Kiserian. All 23 of their team members will be wearing the what if? t-shirts and hats as they mobilize in a slum asking people to test for HIV/Aids. They are bringing 6 of their worship team who will perform with the Temples of Worship. A very special opportunity for the Temples of Worship and for the American worship team. As always for those who want to follow along I will send updates. Blessed to be returning to Kenya and to be partnering with the Cumberland Community Kenya team, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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