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Leaving for the Somalian refugee camp

It is early here in Kenya and we are preparing to leave for the refugee camp in Daadab in eastern Kenya. Most of you probably have heard on the news that due to severe drought and fighting in Somalia refugees have walked across the border about 100 kilometers to a place called Daada. The conditions are severe as there is also drought conditions in Kenya and a lack of shelter, food, water and health care for the thousands of people in this refugee camp. Our purpose in going is to assist an organization in the US who wants to send containers of supplies to these people. We have volunteered to go meet with organizations who are working in the camp to determine what they need and if they would be willing to receive the supplies and distribute them.

Five of us are going including Dr. Vincent. We have secured a Land Rover as the last 4 hours travel will be on sand. We have packed all our food and water for the 3-day trip and rented a tent for sleeping.

The Partners for Care team here didn’t hesitate when I asked them if they would be willing to go. They are eager to see how God can use them to help the thousands of men, women and children in this camp.

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