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Leaving Marsabit

It is late Sunday night in Marsabit town. We are preparing to leave at 5 am in the morning to head south through the desert to return to Nairobi. Many on this trip will be forever changed. They have seen things they didn’t know existed. Many have had their hearts broken at seeing what abject poverty looks like and the effect it has on children. Most children here are very small in stature but big eyes and smiles.

The team has had an impact here in Marsabit. Here are the numbers:

Seen in medical camps – 950

Treated by the dentist – 58 (4 cavities were filled and 75 teeth extracted)

Said yes to Jesus – 19

Signed a commitment card to do their part to fight HIV/AIDS – over 500

Many hours spent playing soccer!

The team did great! Everyone worked hard with no complaining even though it was hot and the days were long.

Blessed by the team from Michigan,

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