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Little Elizabeth laid to rest

Early yesterday morning George took Nick to the morgue at Kenyetta Hospital where Nick dressed Little Elizabeth in her burial clothes, placed her in the small coffin he had made for her and placed on top of one of vans for the trip to bury her. The van was full as George drove Nick, Charles and 8 CT members to Elizabeth’s home village. A small car with 5 more people followed behind.

When I sent the message that Little Elizabeth had died, Robert (a team member from the August trip) wrote:

In Kenya, you never know when you hug a child, when that beautiful creature may ascend to Heaven.  You never know if it will be in a year, a month, next week or even tomorrow.  You never know, when you look into their eyes whether the next time you visit Kenya, they will be looking and smiling at you or Jesus.  You never know who that treasure will be holding our her arms to for a hug.  You never know, only He does.

Nick has accepted Elizabeth’s death telling me that he read in Isaiah 55 where it says God calls home some early to protect them from the pain and suffering they would endure here on earth. He also told me he never saw anyone fight for their life as Elizabeth did. He said she would ask Nick to pray for her. Nick brought me her hospital reports – she died from kidney failure.

When CT sent out the announcement they closed by saying:

“When we lose someone we love, our bitterest tears are called forth by the memories of hours when we loved not enough”. I can tell you Nick will not cry bitter tears as he loved Elizabeth and cared for her with the love of Jesus.

On the list of help Nick needed this week was “white dress for burial”. When I received that request I was traveling back from Marsabit on Wednesday late afternoon – they were to leave the next day to bury her. The Water Team and I stopped at a small village and went into a grocery store. Upstairs we saw a beautiful white dress with pink satin flowers and pink velvet sash. There was only one and it was Elizabeth’s size. The team remembered she would need shoes. They had one little pair of white shoes perfect size and a pair of white tights with pink ribbons. Amazing…all perfect for Elizabeth. When we gave to Nick late that night he said Elizabeth would look like the angel she was.

Thank you for your prayers for Nick and all those who loved Elizabeth and will miss her. She was the story teller at the children’s home always telling the other children when they returned from school the events that had happened while they were away. We are helping Nick organize a memorial for Elizabeth that all the children can attend.

Grateful for those who read these updates and care,

Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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