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Little Jimmy

Jimmy is six, but looks three. He clings to you when you hold him. He is listless, weak and sad. Yet when all the children at a new children’s home we have started working with were asked to sing, he took his place and sang the words.

Jimmy with Dr. Craig

Jimmy was rescued five months ago and brought to this children’s home that is near our house. Yesterday, George took Dr. Craig, TJ and I with some of the PFC staff to visit the children in this home. Jimmy is a double orphan having lost both his parents. He had been abused before he was brought to the children’s home. He had a fever and seemed very sick. Dr. Craig and I carried him to the nearby VCT for HIV/AIDS testing. Dr. Craig watched the counselor as she explained how testing is done. We prayed Jimmy was not infected. After a few minutes the counselor told us he was negative. We then carried him to a local doctor. The doctor couldn’t believe he was six. He tested him for malaria. Jimmy was positive for malaria. The doctor gave him malaria medicine, vitamins and tylenol for his fever. We took him to a small restaurant and fed him as he hadn’t eaten since early morning.

Jimmy probably has had malaria for a long time. Untreated malaria is the leading cause of death for children in Africa. This is why. They don’t get diagnosed and then treated. Dr. Craig and the team probably saved the live of this little boy. And it wasn’t hard…it just took going and finding him. I am reminded of Mother Teresa’s words…”If you can’t feed a 100 children…feed one. We can’t save a 100 children,,,but we saved one.

The team has left now. We will miss them. They served so many…including us. They were kind, loving and compassionate. They worked late into the night and early in the mornings preparing the medicine, supplies, etc. For the next team. May God bless all of them as they travel home.

Grateful for this team of servants,

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