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Maggie’s School

Sometimes you get news that just makes you smile. Praise God. We just reveived such news! 160 Turkana children are now attending school at Maggie’s School! I know Maggie knows this and is smiling, too. It wasn’t easy to get this school open. There is a reason why this is unreeached people group. Far, far away in the desert there is now a school. 160 children wake in the morning and for the first time go to school to learn. There are three teachers and a cook. The cook is important as she will prepare lunch (outside over fire) for the children because food is very scarce in this area. We are grateful to Bishop David Thagano GOA who sent GOA missionary Peter Wagura to the school last week to help complete what needed to be done to open the school. He along with two GOA pastors and Andrew, Partners for Care social worker gathered supplies for the school and headed out in a vehicle through the desert to the school. After completing over only one hour of the four hour drive the vehicle broke down stranding them in the desert. Fortunately another vehicle came along and took Peter back to town where he secured assistance for the broken vehicle. Somehow they all made it to the school with the supplies! After sending us news the 160 children were now enrolled and teachers were in place Peter took the long 24 hour bus ride back to Nairobi. He has pictures which we are all eager to see. I will send them to you as soon as I receive them. Next the toliets will be built for the children thanks the Christian school Maggie went to who has adopted this Turkana School and raised the funds for the toliets. My sister is planning to visit Maggie’s School with many of her friends in July. I will be blessed to be with her as she witnesses first hand how she has honored Maggie in this wonderful way that will literally transform a generation of Turkana children. Blessed to witness the building of Maggie’s School in the Turkana desert, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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