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Maggie’s School Updtae

As they say in Kenya we have “been running up and down” this week coordinating the next steps for Maggie’s School. And, the fruits of the the work are good. It is not like in American when a school is run by the goverment teachers will be assigned there. Here it is not “automatic” but one must submit letters and walk those letters to the right person in the right ministry. Then pray, then follow-up. We met with the official at the ministry of education and then had to go home and write a letter telling about Maggie’s School and the need for teachers. That official then contacted an official at the Teacher’s Service Commission (TSC). TSC is the agency that posts the teachers. We are closer to having teachers posted at Maggie’s School but no one can tell me what month that will happen. While at the Ministry of Education we learned of a vulnerable child program. This program helps orhans, vulnerable children (OVCs). The money is coming from the United Kingdom. The program involves selecting a school and assessing the needs of the children for uniforms, desks, support at home, etc. It is a well designed program focusing on outcome measures including school attendance. They have helped 1,800 schools to date. They are 18,000 primary schools. They will be working with more schools. They requested from the local areas the names of the schools in greatest need. We checked and Maggie’s School wasn’t on the list. But, then we learned the list was compiled prior to Maggie’s School being registered. We plan to bring Andrew our PFC social worker to Nairobi soon and will take him to meet the program director for this program. We are hoping to get Maggie’s School on the list. After the TSC posts a head teacher, then we will go back to the Ministry of Education to the nutrition office. There we learned is where the feeding program is coordinated and the good news is they will coordinate with the Ministry of Health who will deworm the children every three months. Today I met with Thomas of the Kolonzo Foundation. Kolonzo is the Vice President of Kenya. They are finalizing a proposal with Coca Cola to drill 100 wells at primary schools. Thomas said Maggie’s School will be at the top of the priority list for a well! It has been a good week for Maggie’s School – the Oasis in the Desert. From Kenya, Connie Sent via Cingular Xpress Mail with Blackberry

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