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Malaria kills…nets save

April 26th is World Malaria Day – 6 days from today! Partners for Care has a goal and a prayer . . .to raise funds for 400 bed nets for children in the slums. Our Partners for Care staff will distribute the nets door to door teaching Moms how important a net is…how it can save their child’s life. Thank you to those who have already bought nets. If you’ve not yet had a chance, it’s easy and a VERY affordable way to make a difference in someone’s life – just $10.00 a net.  Please take a minute, follow the link below, and help give someone a hope and a future.  When you are on the site it is easy to send to your Facebook, twitter or whatever social media you use! Help us get the word out to others.

Thanks for giving…thanks for getting to word out and thanks for caring. Connie

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