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Many served today

The Partners for Care team and the small American team did great today. This was one of our smoothest medical camps ever…..we are learning.

At the end of our first of a two day medical camp:

515 people were treated and given medication 53 tested for HIV/AIDS 515 were prayed for and heard the gospel….23 accepted Christ

And, we really did very well on diagnostic assessing – we were able to test for malaria, typhoid, etc. so the doctors could treat with appropriate medications. This isn’t always easy at medical camps.

The most common problem the doctors saw today was severely malnourished children. So many in fact that on Tuesday Dr. Vincent is planning to bring the Moms and their babies together and the government will bring special nutritional supplements for the babies. These babies will be placed in the government nutrition program. Dr. Vincent was so concerned about one of the babies today that the team already took her to receive the supplements.

A good first day…

Thanks to so many of you that contributed to make this medical camp successful. Without your support it would not have happened. I think you and so does the Kenyan Partners for Care team.


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