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Medical mission with Dr. PLO Lumumba

This last weekend Partners for Care was blessed to serve with Dr. PLO Lumumba and his wife in a medical mission outreach in Bonda (his home area). The team sang throughout the day mobilizing and then sang at Dr. Lumumba’s event honoring his aunt who was killed in the US Embassy bombing in 1998. Dr. Lumumba has been our what if? spokesperson since the beginning of the program. He was recently appointed the Director of the Anti-Corruption Commission. He is a great Christian leader and many here in Kenya, in the US and throughout Africa pray he can stop the corruption that steals from the poor and prevents Kenya from becoming a developed nation. Our team served well – Nick, Njenga and Mike traveled with us from CT to help with HIV testing. We helped organize and deliver medical camps to over a thousand people.

Blessed to work with Christian leaders who remember the poor,

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