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MedShare ships a 40 foot container to Marsabit Hospital

About 4 years ago I went with Pastor Hirbo to take desperately ill twin babies to the Marsabit Hospital in Northeastern Kenya. They were very frail and and needed medical attention. I can still remember what I saw and how I felt.

Hospital beds were broken and rusted with torn mattresses.  What medical equipment they did have was broken. The medical staff did the best they could for the twins just as they were doing for other patients. As a nurse I wondered if I could work in such conditions.

I never imagined that Partners for Care would 4 years partner with MedShare and CocaCola Africa Foundation to totally transform Marsabit Hospital!

On December 3 a 40-foot container left MedShare in Decatur, Georgia headed for Marsabit Hospital!  There are 20 new Hill-Rom electric hospital beds with new mattresses. There is a brand new baby warmer. (There are over 50 babies born in the Marsabit Hospital every month.).  There are 450 boxes of medical  supplies – gloves, bandages, surgical gowns, etc.  There are hand-carts for the disabled and a new wheelchair. There are blood pressure machines and baby scales and so much more.

And, this is the first of three containers that will go to Marsabit Hospital. There are 20 more beds in each of these containers. The hospital is receiving a total of 60 new beds!

All of this is possible because of Nell Dialio, VP of MedShare and CocaCola Africa Foundation who is funding the project. See for more information about the wonderful work of MedShare.

I never imagined 4 years ago that Marsabit Hospital would be totally transformed by such an amazing donation from MedShare.

What a Christmas gift this will be for the people of Marsabit and the staff at the Marsabit Hospital,


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